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Cultural diversity

There are officially 3 national languages in Belgium: Dutch (some call it Flemish), French and German. These 3 languages belong to 3 different communities and 3 different regions. When you go to Flanders (Nord) they speak Dutch, in the Walon-region (South) they speak French and in the outer east of the country, people speak German. So watch out where you're going to before practicing a language course.

After all, most of the belgians understand English and in Brussels the first language is English, the second is French, the third one is Dutch, followed by Arabic.

But where are we talking about ... Belgium is just 30000 km² and the longest distance you can do in Belgium is around 220 km from the Nord-West corner towards the South-East.

What you better know before you go there ...

Probably your teacher has good and valuable information about Belgium

and what you have to know when you go on an international workexperience in Belgium.


We offer some other information that can be usefull:


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3. All facts about Italy : serious matters !


Working in Belgium

Workexchanges in Belgium ...

Living and working conditions in Belgium can differ from job-sector and age.

Allthough all Eu-citizens are free to travel, live and work in other Eu-countries,

can be different for different people. It's good to check the conditions before you go: find out here!


When leaving for a workexchange, things should be a lot easier. But still, it's good to check and avoid some surprises you don't like... For example early hours, nightwork, weekendwork, ...


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