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Cultural diversity

For a small country the UK quite a wide variety of accents, each with their own unique words and phrases. This is particularly relevant in Yorkshire, the county in which Doncaster is located. The typical ‘British’ accent is actually a specific accent normally found in London. So when coming to and traveling around the UK, you may need to ‘tune’ your ear to different accents and phrases!

The UK is a multi-cultural country, and we place a high importance on equality and diversity and equal opportunities for all people. In Doncaster, which has a population of approximately 312,000, you will find relatively large communities who originate from countries such as; Poland (1.5% - 4,484), India (0.6% - 1,865) and Pakistan (0.9% - 2,728).

In the UK we drive on the left-hand side of the road and drivers almost always have the right of way. So if you are walking in the UK, be sure to let cars for first, and be careful when crossing, as the cars may be coming from a different direction than you are used to! If need ride the bus, you must stick your arm out as the correct numbered bus is approaching the bus stop, as there are often multiple buses that come to one particular stop. If you don’t stick out your arm, it might not stop!

The UK is well-known for ‘good manners’, saying “please” when asking for things and “thank you” when receiving them is expected and if you don’t say these words, you  may be seen as very rude! One aspect of our culture that is very different from most of the rest of the world is the way the British people queue…for everything! Jumping in a queue (cutting in front of someone) is seen as very rude! So make sure if you are in a queue to stay in your place and not push past anyone!

What you better know before you go there ...


in the UK

Leisure time, health / safety and food ...

Leisure time

Food & Drinks

Workexchanges in the UK ...

Probably your teacher has good and valuable information about Italy and

what you have to know when you go on an international workexperience in Italy.


We offer some other information that can be usefull:


1. All facts about the UK : serious matters !



One of the things Doncaster is famous for is the historic horse race, The Grand St.Leger. This takes place every September and lasts one week and is attended by people from all over the UK. Historically Doncaster has a great heritage of rail transport and is still has excellent links across the whole of the country making is a great place for business and distribution centers. Yorkshire is situated in the center of the UK and allows for great access to a lot of beautiful places including the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales. London is only 90 minutes by train.

British food is influenced greatly by other countries. In fact, our ‘national dish’ is Chicken Tikka Masala, a popular Indian dish.

We do have our own traditional dishes, which include Fish and Chips and Roast Dinners (meat with vegetables and often Yorkshire Puddings!) 

Living and working conditions in the United Kingdom can differ from job-sector and age.

Allthough all Eu-citizens are free to travel, live and work in other Eu-countries,

can be different for different people. It's good to check the conditions before you go: find out here!


When leaving for a workexchange, things should be a lot easier. But still, it's good to check and avoid some surprises you don't like... For example early hours, nightwork, weekendwork, ...

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