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Cultural diversity

Today about 9.3 million people live in Sweden. Around two million live in the three largest cities in the country: Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. The capital city in Sweden is Stockholm where the royal family lives. 

The nature in Sweden differs a lot because of the length of the country; 1600 km. In the north part of Sweden we have a lot of mountain areas. In the middle part of the country we have big forest areas and in the south part of Sweden we have a lot of agricultural areas. Closest countries to Sweden are Norway, Denmark and Finland.

In Sweden we have the currency the “Swedish krona” although we are a member of the European Union we choose to have our one currency.

Sweden export machinery, motor vehicles, paper products, pulp and wood, iron and steel products and chemicals. We are also famous for technology and innovations as dynamite, Tetra Pack the pacemaker, Spotify and Skype.


Information about Linköping

Linköping is the fifth largest city in Sweden with almost 150 000 residents. It is one of the fastest growing municipalities and is located the heart of southern Sweden and forms a part of the East Sweden region.

Linköping is characterised by world-class high technology in the fields of aviation, IT and environment with strong innovation spirit where Mjärdevi Science Park, which is one of Europe’s foremost technology parks, and a high ranking university promote forward thinking and cutting edge competency.


What you better know before you go there ...

Probably your teacher has good and valuable information about Italy and

what you have to know when you go on an international workexperience in Italy.


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Leisure time, health / safety and food ...

Leisure time

The two largest venues in Linköping is Saab Arena and Linköping Konsert & Kongress. They offer concerts of all sizes and many smaller venues host a wide variety of musical and cultural events. In summer Linköping provides opportunities for both  fishing, swimming and boating in nearby lakes or in the canal running through the city centre. In wintertime there are possibilities for ice skating or ice hockey. 

Workexchanges in Sweden ...


in Sweden

Living and working conditions in Sweden can differ from job-sector and age.

Allthough all Eu-citizens are free to travel, live and work in other Eu-countries,

can be different for different people. It's good to check the conditions before you go: find out here!


When leaving for a workexchange, things should be a lot easier. But still, it's good to check and avoid some surprises you don't like... For example early hours, nightwork, weekendwork, ...


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