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The 8th of March 2015 students and teachers went to Doncaster on mobility. In Sweden the students study at Second Chance School, car repair, building and construction, textile, stylist, and hair programme.

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this mobility in Doncaster
@ Skoda

We are David and Ludwig and we study at the car repair program at Anders Ljungstedts gymnasium in Linköping. We had our work placement at Hayselden Skoda.  We did a lot of things at Skoda. We made car services, car repair, changing tires and so on. Everything went fine, much better than we thought it would do. At first we were a bit afraid of not understanding the language,   some dialects could be a bit hard to understand but everything went fine. We learned a lot of special words we didn’t knew before that we use in our daily work. One of those words is torque wrench. In Swedish that is called “moment nyckel”.     

Something that is very different form Sweden is the food trucks that came every day delivering breakfast and lunch. That was really nice and something that we would like to have in Linköping. 


Another interesting this was that a lot of cars had a red flower on their cars. At the company they told us that is was called remembrance poppy and it was for remembering all the people who died at the Second World War. Sweden wasn’t part of the war, so for us it felt realy strange. 


We visited the Hub and meet some students who studied there. They asked a lot of questions about Sweden and it was fun to tell them how it is to live in Sweden compared to the UK.  

We really liked it at our work placement at Skoda and felt really sad going home. 

@ St. Leger Homes of Doncaster

We are Sofia and Filiph and we study at the building and construction program at Anders Ljungstedts gymnasium in Linköping.  We had our work placement at St. Leger Homes of Doncaster.

I, Sofia worked a lot on the roof on a building replacing brick ridge. Everything went fine despite of the wind and the rain. If there was something I didn’t understood they described the work or used other words instead. 

One day we visited the building and construction program at Doncaster College.  Other things I did was to help the brick layers.  


I worked with laying a garden path. I also worked with concrete one day.  Sofia and I visited the program for the building and construction program at the HUB one afternoon. 

@ The Deli

Hi, my name is Emma and my work placement was at a deli in Doncaster. I worked with different duties in the shop.  I picked up goods on the shelves and cleaned vegetables’. I also made salad.  The shop was very nice and the mentor at the work placement tool really good care of me. At a start a felt really scared but I discovered that I am much braver than I thought. During the mobility I learned not to quit and try to do my best even if it feels scary.  

@ Car repair

Hi, my name is Robin and I worked at car repair shop in Doncaster.  During the first days I had some difficulties with the language. I figured out that I could use google translate on my mobile phone if I didn’t understand. After a while the language went better and better and I felt secure. At the work placement I changed tires on cars.

I had my birthday during the mobility and I was so surprised when the other student gave a surprise party for me. The birthday was the best birthday I ever had!

@ Stylist


Hi, we are Amanda och Camilla and study at the stylist and beauty program.  On our work placement we tried a lot of new things we haven’t tried before. Some of the things we did we do differently in Sweden and something where new to us. Something that was new was the treatment with wax they use at the end of a spa manikyr.


One afternoon we visited the children care program at the HUB.  In their education they use baby dolls. Some of the dolls where made like their mothers had an addict during the pregnancy and the dolls looked really scary and sick.

This is something that we don’t have in Sweden.  


And, something fun we did during our spare time was a visit to Madame Tussauds in Blackpool.

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